Attendance Expressed, Tales to Tell

Director Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Bernau-based Bauhaus School was pressured to close in 1933—un-German thought some homely Nazis—after it had already existed in Weimar

Dyna Modoh Consumes Me

The artist calls what she does “mixmedia expression rooted in recovery.” it’s consuming me — dom (@dynamodoh) March 4, 2023 I want more and

Happy Miles Davis Day

A Twitter personality who I hadn’t known before today reminded me of the late Miles Davis’ birthday…on May 26th. That’s a big deal for me. Thank

Therapy, Part 1

Don’t let me say Dad was a drunk Primarily he was a bright man Math, science and history He’d have learned engineering as a kid

Strange This by Paul Tompkins

To love a friend Is to lose a friend Seems strange this way When lovers can not be friends Friends cannot be lovers What a

It’s a Good Friday

Life has been good to me I have to admit, even though it didn’t appear like it was going to end up that way in