A decade long project investigating educational publishing and textbook evaluation in Canada. Archives and Interviews. Educators, Historians, Bureaucrats and Politicians, Publishers.

What a Fiction

Over the next couple of years Art & Commodity intends to expand on some challenges authors and publishers faced in submitting books to Ontario for

Circular 14 Evaluation Process, 1960-Y2K

The following flow chart is of Ontario’s public and Catholic school textbook evaluation process, 1960 to 2000 or thereabouts. If attending school in the province,

Shipping Within Canada

The following image contrasts the pricing of domestic shipping, from Canada to Canada, on the left with international shipping, from United States to Canada, on

Who Was George Alexander Drew?

Blue blood all the way man. Old stock, baby! “Most racist city” derives from 2010 Statistics Canada reporting of hate crimes. Hate crimes are not

Schooling Small Canadian Minds

  I didn’t know about any of this. They didn’t tell us when we got here. We didn’t learn about it in school. That was

Censorship 1979

You can’t understand censorship if you don’t know it exists. 1951’s False Choice Ontario, Canada’s largest PS textbook buyer working through its school boards, censors