President Claudia’s Gazaland

Ask American Indians about a Gazan future
Read the Censored Man
See for yourself, study the cratered land
October seventh brought renewal
Since Nakba, there’s been Zionist command

They castrate you men
Kill your babies
They rape women
Oui oui, so cruel
Like they straight outta Hades

None of that changes reality
Old Gaza is likewise screwed
Done in by the worthlessness of Goyim
By the shrewd

You tell stories about life in the holy lands
So do they
Their propaganda is superior
As is the armory

While explosives rumble, speculators sell plots
In Jersey and NY, Toronto and Montreal
Palestinian lands made available in March
To the congregations at their halls
At the Iberians’ synagogue

Some campus protest curriculum can be appreciated
Then one day I woke up old and wise
Shrunken and splintered, what Gaza survives

Eric Clapton claims ‘Israel is running the world’
So does dual citizenship within the DC bureaucracy
Amongst Manhattan and SF Jewish bankers

Peace, I’m all about peace right away
Some practicality could end the rancor
Sign the best treaty BRICS conveys
If Claudia helps, let’s thank her


by JEREMY TOMPKINS, orig. published June 3, 2024