Toronto, ON Author Publishes Exposé


Toronto, ON Author Publishes Exposé

Learn The Truth About A Scandal And Censorship In One Of Canada’s Ministries Of Education

Canadian Mockingbird: Exposing Censorship and Textbook-Mediated Social Engineering, a new book by Jeremy Tompkins, has been published.

From 1960 onward Ontario’s Ministry of Education had indicated an open era of curriculum resources. In fact, after inviting publishers’ textbooks for review in seemingly accessible competition, the government bureau secretly censored hundreds of textbooks majority recommended by panels of paid subject experts. Publishers received fraudulent rejection letters, falsifying the circumstances of evaluation. The ministry was directly responsible for close to half of Canada’s English-speakers while influencing the remaining with its annual and nationally distributed Circular 14 selection guide. Canadian Mockingbird presents government’s use of textbook selection and censorship against public school attendees for political control, in violation of international agreements and domestic civil protections, from the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights to 1982 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. With this book about a textbook scandal, developed from classified archival fonds usually restricted from view, the author explains how Baby Boomer and Generation X students were manipulated by a quiet program of social engineering.

About the Author
Jeremy Richard Tompkins MBA, MISt, BA was a Toronto-based business librarian, managing information resources in telecommunications, waste management and public affairs prior to concentrating on archival research. Canadian Mockingbird is his second book on education censorship. Tompkins’ writing has appeared in periodicals Our Schools/Our Selves, The Monitor (Behind the Numbers), Venture Cover and NOW Magazine. His graduate degrees are in business administration and information studies, and undergraduate specializations in anthropology and computer studies.

Canadian Mockingbird: Exposing Censorship and Textbook-Mediated Social Engineering is a 225-page paperback at the suggested retail price of $25.00 (USD $19.00). The ISBN is 978-9936529-3-6. You can find the book at