Year: 2021

10 Fugitive Children

Henry Cousby, pronounced ‘Kosby’, was born in Virginia or Georgia in 1797 and is my oldest documented ancestor, not even two hundred years older. That’s

War Bonds, Pt 1

My father’s oldest brother, Donald, was born in Owen Sound in 1933. For a number of years after Uncle Don’s birth, Grandpa and Grandma lived

Grandpa’s House, Pt 1

Isabelle Grace Althea Tompkins, née McCarter, my paternal grandmother, kept Misty Mints in a Blue Mountain Pottery dish in the living room. Sometimes there were

That’s Urbane Politics

Keeping ideas from Karen and Kyle; or, how your Canadian Boomer and GenX textbooks lied to you by Jeremy Tompkins My second exposé of unacknowledged

Who Was George Alexander Drew?

Blue blood all the way man. Old stock, baby! “Most racist city” derives from 2010 Statistics Canada reporting of hate crimes. Hate crimes are not

Schooling Small Canadian Minds

  I didn’t know about any of this. They didn’t tell us when we got here. We didn’t learn about it in school. That was

Will They Forgive

A sunny cold day in a real Toronto looks uncannily like a 1988 John Carpenter fantasy world.   Tks to Su🐝.