Year: 2020

Censorship 1979

You can’t understand censorship if you don’t know it exists. 1951’s False Choice Ontario, Canada’s largest PS textbook buyer working through its school boards, censors

Public Mythology

  Late historian and US state consultant Carroll Quigley summarized the “organization of power” as “the ways in which obedience and consent (or acquiescence) are

What Goes in a Textbook?

  Paper prices increased dramatically during WW1, by nearly 300 percent according to printers. The military’s requirements were partly responsible, but publishers also blamed collusion by

Twenty Five Years Ipperwash

For more on Ontario’s last armed conflict of 20th century against Canada’s original people, please read One Dead Indian: The Premier, the Police, and the

Education vs Big Burger

A letter arrived at Ontario’s Ministry of Education in November 1984 from McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada. The restaurant chain’s Director of Personnel Roy Ellis wrote to

Conspiracy Theory

A conspiracy theory is a supposition regarding combinations of people working in secret toward unlawful or harmful goals. Also called trusts, conspiracies are used to